The Babel Tower


Liz Trammell is Silicon Valley's rising star. Her company, Babel, translates every language in real time, giving the whole earth the same words. Liz's fortune has grown with Babel's worth.

What could be impossible for her now? She sets out to build what her father never could—the tallest building the world has ever seen, a place where human potential is unlimited, where even death might be conquered.

As the world rallies around Liz's vision, global powers vie to get their hands on the conversations that Babel has recorded and locked away. Spies will kill for the data. Friends will betray for it. But when Liz finds herself falling for the only man she can trust, she must confront the enemies insider herself—the greatest challenge yet.


"This is everything a good read should be. It's a thriller, love story, futuristic joy ride." - Sammy Lewis

"Fantastic read - at turns intriguing, innovative, and inspiring. Part human drama, part techno fantasy, with a dash of spy thriller. J.B. Simmons delivers again." - Daniel Suhr
"A compelling story that captures the essence of Silicon Valley culture and its impact on the real world. Vivid characters and a compelling storyline make this a book I didn't want to put down!" - Ben Kohlmann


Age 30-33: The Differences Between Jesus and Me

This week I reached the ripe age of 33. It was a fine birthday, spent with family and friends and Facebook well-wishers. I even got to talk through my upcoming book, Great White Throne, with a couple writer friends.

Amidst these festivities, a bigger question has been on my mind. Tradition says a man named Jesus lived to the same age. In only three years of ministry, he left quite a mark on the world. So I figure it’s time to see how I’m measuring up to the world’s most famous person.

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Three Surprising Spiritual Truths In Stephen King’s The Stand

A few years ago, Americans were asked, “What is your favorite book of all time?” Two of the top five books include a vision of the end of the world: #1 the Bible, and #5 The Stand by Stephen King. Before reading The Stand, I would have said that’s crazy—#5? Now it kind of makes sense.

It took me a year to finish the book, and I’m glad I stuck with it. The apocalyptic novel was homework for my upcoming Great White Throne. I draw a lot from the Bible’s vision of how the world will end, as recounted in my blogs on Revelation, so I was struck by the common themes in Stephen King’s story.

Warning: a few spoilers from The Stand are below. But I bet most of you won’t mind—you’ve either already read the 500,000-word tome or you’ll just consider this a preview for the upcoming movie starring Matthew McConaughey. Three surprising spiritual truths await.

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