Keep Truckin': The Art of the Coffee Nap

Truckers have a secret we need to know, and it's this: the coffee nap. Ever spot an 18-wheeler on the side of a sun-soaked highway? That guy is almost ready to drive. I've learned his secret and I'm going to share it with you.

It's noon on a Saturday. My kids are eating lunch. Turkey slices. Tryptophan. A glorious afternoon of naps and daddy-free-time awaits.

But there's a problem: I'm exhausted. As usual, I didn't get enough sleep. I was up early to write. Then the kids ran me ragged all morning. Poor dad.

What do I do? Give up the free time and sleep? Power through with coffee? Like a good American, I want to have it all. So I do both. 

Photo Credit: Compfight

Photo Credit: Compfight

It's time for the coffee nap. 

I boil the water, grind the beans. The kettle whistles and I pour. After it brews, my cup is ready. So is the little twin bed. My son and I head to his room. The steaming cup is on the bedside table.

We lay down. I'm reading about a family of bears. He's adorable, getting sleepy. I'm nodding off.

My coffee is cool now. I drink it down fast. I remind myself the caffeine won't hit for 20 minutes. I say, "have a good nap." 

My eyes close. I'm asleep.

When I wake up, I feel like a million bucks. My son is sleeping. My mind is racing, full of ideas and actions. Time to seize this glorious afternoon, like a trucker with miles to go.

You doubt me? Doubt the truckers? Trust the science. I'd take a coffee nap every day if I could.

Make your naps count -- J.B.