What if the ancient tower rises again?

“Everything a good read should be. It’s a thriller, love story, futuristic joy ride.” - Sammy Lewis

“A compelling story that captures the essence of Silicon Valley culture and its impact on the real world....a book I didn’t want to put down!” - Ben Kohlmann

Liz Trammell is Silicon Valley’s rising star. Her company, Babel, translates every language in real time, giving the whole earth the same words. Liz’s fortune has grown with Babel’s worth.

What could be impossible for her now? She sets out to build what her father never could—the tallest building the world has ever seen, a place where human potential is unlimited, where even death might be conquered.

As the world rallies around Liz’s vision, global powers vie to get their hands on the conversations that Babel has recorded and locked away. Spies will kill for the data. Friends will betray for it. But when Liz finds herself falling for the only man she can trust, she must confront the enemies inside herself—the greatest challenge yet.