Book One: The Blue Tower

Cipher wakes up in the Blue Tower with no memories of his former life. He discovers that he is not alone. Dozens of boys and girls must compete in a battle called the Scouring against four other towers—Red, Green, Yellow, and Black—each with its own rules and powers.
In his first Scouring, Cipher captures Emma, a girl from Yellow, whose memories from Victorian England move Cipher to uncover his own past. He must learn who he was before he can figure out why he’s here…and how to get out.

Readers’ Praise:

An absolutely amazing adventure full with magic...I finished the book in one breath!

The Blue Tower is a book like no other... It’s a must read!

Book Two: The Red Tower

Cipher risks everything to reach the Red Tower. He searches for the person who was once the most important in the world to him. He has left the friends who helped him discover himself. He has left a place where he had control, where his powers were the mind and the wind.

Now Cipher must learn new powers to survive. He must channel his passions to thrive. And he must rise to the top of another tower before he can enter the Scouring again, where deeper secrets await.

Readers’ Praise:

“While the Blue Tower is all about intelligence and using your mind...the Red Tower is about passion. Burning passion.”

“This book has parts where you read something and you go and read it again and you’re just blown away by what you’ve read.”